Girl Crush, Anti-Gay Indiana, and the Truth.

Normally, I keep my topics here on my site aimed at books and music with the occasional movie thrown in. A lot of stuff happened this week that circles in one way or another, around the subject of homosexuality. My stance is love who you want. Do what you do, but it hasn’t always been that way. I grew up in a Christian household. My sisters were (and still are) pretty heavily involved in church. Me, I believe in God, and do it from wherever I’m at. That’s just my relationship with “the man (or woman) upstairs”. I have for years held the idea that people can be gay and that’s fine, but the truth of the matter is, I still have those moments of discomfort when the subject comes up about how to present that to my children. Thank God for my wife. She’s amazing and tells the girls like it is, no fear, no weirdness. I’m still working on my humanity.

So, what brought all of this about?

Three things:

1) “Girl Crush”, the song by the country act, Little Big Town, that has the uptight (usually gay-retardant) country music fan-base in an uproar. Even though the song is about a woman who is jealous and wants to be the girl the man she desires is in love with (“I want to taste her lips, yeah cuz they taste like you”), people are misinterpreting the message and are perceiving it as a woman who is just in love with another woman.The song is being dropped by a bunch of country radio stations because it is too close to being a “gay” song. This is fucking stupid. Fuck you, country radio.

I love this song, and even if it was a pro-gay tune I would love it anyway.

2) The next thing is this dumb law the jerkwads in Indiana passed saying that they can refuse gays service or kick them out of their businesses on the basis of their religious rights. This is complete bullshit and proves that our country has a long way to go to be the open-minded, liberated, perfect people we try to project ourselves as to the world. Among my friends, there was talk of boycotting the Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis because of the new law. I say Fuck you, Indiana. I plan on attending the convention and I hope my publisher and the people who run the gig will too. I say Samhain goes as Samhain’s Rainbow Warriors of Death!  We all wear pro-gay gear and shove it right up the state of Indiana’s ass.

3) The last, and most personal, news was that a cousin of mine officially came out and told everyone he was gay. He’s from a pretty hardcore Christian background, so I can only imagine how difficult this was for him. Even though it’s not fair, he must of thought about and stressed over how upset and how disappointed some of his family would be about his announcement. All I can say is that his mother was one of the first people to support him. That made me happy. I am so proud of him and applaud his courage, his strength and acceptance in who he really is, and hope that he finds love with the man of his dreams.

Like I stated at the top of this, I’m not the best human/dad/husband I can be yet, but I’m working hard at chipping away the ignorance that keeps my mouth shut when my girl’s ask why people look and act the way they do. There’s no shame in being true to yourself.  I want to be as strong and supportive as my wife. I want to be as courageous and brave as my cousin. If he reads this, I just want him to know how much I respect and love him, and that if he ever needs someone to talk to, I’m here.

Boom Town- Horror/Sci-Fi Fun!: Check Out These Early Reviews

Boom Town (2015)

Boom Town (2015)

The official release date for Boom Town is April 7th. Less than two weeks from now. I’ve been happy to see that early reviewers are really into this one. It is my first dabble with flavoring my Horror with Science Fiction, but I really, REALLY enjoyed writing this piece. I’ll be doing a blog tour for BT starting April 30th. You’ll see why it means so much to me.

I’ve received three new reviews just this week for my little Horror/Sci-Fi tale:


“…a well thought out mix of sci-fi and horror, terrific characters, and breakneck pacing, you can’t help but want more.”

See the full review: HERE


“It’s tense. It will have you shifting in your seat as your heart rate quickens. It will have you reading with one eye closed and it will make your jaw hit your chest.”

See the full review: HERE


“…a terrifically entertaining novella with a great one-two punch of fun story and characters…. (Rolfe) tackles science-fiction with a decidedly old school drive-in feeling and it’s nothing but fun…”

See the full review: HERE

Thanks for all the kind words, guys!

I should have the blog tour schedule up soon. Stay Tuned!


Horror Hound Weekend–Cincinnati, 2015

Where the heck do I start? Horror Hound Weekend was AMAZING! It was my first time attending as a part of the Samhain Family (my first time attending at all). I was floored to meet a bunch people I’d never talked to face-to-face, but harass constantly online. People like Adam Cesare, Jonathan Janz, and Matt Manochio, and the ladies of the Samhain office: Kaitlyn and Tonya. And two of my favorite readers to jaw with: Joe Hempel and Duane Mincel. I got to catch up with some of the guys I’d met before: Russell James and Tim Waggoner. I also made a bunch of new author and reader friends. Oh, and did I mention that I met The Greatest American Hero????? Yeah, it was pretty freaking rad.

Being at the Samhain vendor booth was a lot of fun. Watching Jacob scramble back and forth with a giant grin, listening to Adam grab every possible reader that came by and getting them to consider one (or each) of his three titles, listening to Matt’s perfected pitch for his fantastic Krampus novel, The Dark Servant, jabbering to my closest neighbor, Brian Pinkerton, and serenading him with the hits of Micheal Bolton and Richard Marx, selling some of my favorite Samhain titles when I saw the opportunity (Janz’s Dust Devils, Cesare’s The Summer Job, Everson’s The Family Tree). I also helped sell a couole novels I haven’t gotten to read yet (Pinkerton’s Anotomy of Evil, and Mark Rigney’s Check Out Time).

The hardest part for me was pushing my eBook novellas (Abram’s Bridge and Boom Town). A lot of people said,  “I only read real books”. I took it in stride and only pushed my works on the Kindle/ Nook crowds (surprisingly, a lot of the Sunday crowd were Kindle-friendly!).

When I wasn’t at the booth helping out or talking shop (or Bolton/Marx), I managed to venture around to help spread the word about my works. I found the food room (don’t they call that a cafeteria?) to be a terrific place to make new friends and talk books. I brought the remaining copies of my first noel (The Haunted Halls) with me and ended up handing out and signing them to some pretty eager to read people. I also got some positive vibes back from people when I pitched the novellas. Shared some Greatest American Hero love with my two new buds, Bryan and Angela, and hopefully they’ll try some of my horror stories. I also participated in two interviews while I was there. I will share the links as soon as I have them. All good things.

I’d say four of my favorite HHW moments were:

Meeting up with Tonya, Kaitlyn, and Lauren for our pre-Con Samhain Marketing meeting. So many cool ideas were discussed. I have total faith in this team and think we are going to bring Samhain Horror to a whole new level (of confidence and power).

When the kids I met down in the cafeteria (Raul, Kat, and Kat’s brother) came up to the booth the following day and had me sign a copy of The Haunted Halls…that was soooo cool!

Meeting William Katt and totally going full retard (and we all know, you never go full retard) in front of him. I ended up getting out “you were my childhood hero”, “My mom made me a doll of you”.  He was still so cool and helped me get through my star struck moment. Still my hero!


Sunday finished by helping Adam sell out The Summer Job and catching a couple beers with him after we closed out. We talked all kinds of shop, business, Stephen King, and much more. Adam, thanks for the conversation and the PBR’s!

What did I forget? Oh yeah, DAMN! Ron Simmons is the best salesman of all time! I got close enough to his signing table that this happened:

20150320_180921I will definitely be at HHW Indy in September!  Until then, here are some more photos….enjoy!

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For Brian Pinkerton, and to all of my new friends….

Pre-Horror Hound Weekend!

Hey, peeps!

I’m so Excited about attending my first Horror Hound Weekend! Samhain is one of the sponsors. I get to sit at a table with Kristopher Rufty, Adam Cesare, Matt Manochio, Brian Pinkerton, Time Waggoner and Jonathan Janz!

This is going to be EPIC!

51GIGVDlwSL._UX250_ 71lnRm2dXsL._UX250_adam



Brian Pinkerton one



I just read JAnz’s The nIghtamare Girl and started Cesare’s Video Night!  Great stuff. I will be photoing and intervewing whenever I can!

Lots of stuff to come.

Also, my next Samhain novella, BOOM TOWN, release April 7th. It is available for pre-order now!


Terror from below!

In the summer of 1979, Eckert, Wisconsin, was the sight of the most unique UFO encounter in history. A young couple observed a saucer-like aircraft hovering over Hollers Hill. A blue beam blasted down from the center of the craft into the hill and caused the ground to rumble for miles.

Now, thirty years later, Eckert is experiencing nightly rumbles that stir up wild rumors and garner outside attention. The earthly tremors are being blamed on everything from earthquakes to underground earth dwellers. Two pre-teens discover a pipe out behind Packard’s Flea Market uprooted by the “booms” and come into contact with the powerful ooze bubbling from within. What begins as curiosity will end in an afternoon of unbridled terror for the entire town.

St. Patrick’s Day belongs to my little buddy. Happy Birthday, Axl.


Two years ago today we welcomed this little rock star into our lives. He kills me with his awesomeness on a daily basis. He loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse, rocking out, spaghetti, fighting sleep, and his blanket.

Favorite songs to sing along with as of  age 2 b-day: Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty, Acquiesce by Oasis, Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood, Play Ball and Who Made Who by Ac/Dc, Roar by Katy Perry. He’s mirroring daddy’s tastes (so far).



He survived a scare two days before Christmas when he swallowed a button battery. Lucky for all of us Nana and Papa noticed the missing battery and acted fast. He had it out with a small and quick procedure and was able to enjoy a great Christmas morning.

We love this little guy so much.

Happy birthday, my little ninja warrior!


Zakk Reviews “Boom Town” by Glenn Rolfe

Z-Dubz over at The Mouths of Madness podcast reviews my forthcoming Horror/Sci-Fi novella, Boom Town (Samhain Publishing). Pre-orders available now at Amazon, Kobo,, and more. Drops April 7th.

Zakk Madness, The Eyes of Madness

“Simple reviews from a simple reader…”

Zakk reviews “Boom Town” by Glenn Rolfe. 81 pages published by Samhain Publishing (Samhain Horror).

Overall score: 4.5/5

“Did the UFO over Hollers Hill procure something from us, or was something bestowed upon us?”

On a summers night in 1979, a young couple traveling through Eckert, Wisconsin witness a saucer like object hovering above, and shooting a blue beam of light into Hollers Hill, before quickly ascending skyward. Causing a rumble that was felt hundreds of miles away.

Thirty years later the rumbles have awoken. Stirring Eckert into a frenzy of speculation, gossip and urban legend. Brady and Kim, a longtime friendship evolving into something more, each suffering from a still fresh personal loss, are thrust into a mystery when they find a strange blue ooze while exploring an underground pipe exposed after one the town’s infamous “Booms”.

But Brady and Kim aren’t the…

View original post 430 more words

Weird Review: Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, Edited by Terry M. West

Check out one of the cool anthologies I was lucky enough to be included in from 2014. My little story, “Killing Jessica” get some love from this latest review. Lots of cool writers in here. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet go to Amazon and grab it in Print or eBook.

Unspeakable Gibberer

23124134Title: Journals of Horror: Found Fiction

Editor: Terry M. West

Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.

Number of Pages: 297

Format: Print (Electronic)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars aligned

Sating that appetite for the weird while supplementing the idea of found footage, Terry M. West and Pleasant Strom Entertainment, Inc. have manifested from dark vaults, Journals of Horror: Found Fiction. 29 uncomforting tales of delusion and terror that will have you locking your doors, checking your phone settings and finding your journal so you can chronicle the onset of madness that may inevitably take hold. 29 authors who were fortunate enough to be released from their own straightjackets to pen some disturbing literature, instead of screaming their tales or spelling them out in missives with their medication. Oh, but enough with the Crypt Keeper treatment, lets open up this dark tome.

Anything from sensationalized pulp, to eloquent horror will be found…

View original post 777 more words


As you guys may or may not have heard…my novella, THINGS WE FEAR, will be released from Samhain Publishing. I’m so grateful to Don D’Auria for believing in me my crazy little stories. Also, , big thanks to my pre-reader/editor/publicist/bud Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi for all of the incredible behind the scenes work she puts in for me. I’m sure the novella won’t come out until sometime next year, but in the meantime…

BOOM TOWN, my next release from Samhain, is available for pre-order at all of your favorite eBook dealers. It drops on April 7th. (click the cover to order through Amazon)


Terror from below!

In the summer of 1979, Eckert, Wisconsin, was the sight of the most unique UFO encounter in history. A young couple observed a saucer-like aircraft hovering over Hollers Hill. A blue beam blasted down from the center of the craft into the hill and caused the ground to rumble for miles.

Now, thirty years later, Eckert is experiencing nightly rumbles that stir up wild rumors and garner outside attention. The earthly tremors are being blamed on everything from earthquakes to underground earth dwellers. Two pre-teens discover a pipe out behind Packard’s Flea Market uprooted by the “booms” and come into contact with the powerful ooze bubbling from within. What begins as curiosity will end in an afternoon of unbridled terror for the entire town.

BOOM TOWN has kindly been mentioned alongside such great Horror Sci-Fi works as The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Tommyknockers.  I  have always been a huge fan of alien films and TV shows, as well as Coast 2 Coast Am with Art Bell and George Norry. Writing an alien-based story was inevitable. I love this one and have already started work on another…

My promo blitz for this one is going to be kicking into high gear, so you have been warned!

I have a guest post this week over on Brian Moreland’s blog, Dark Lucidity. Check it out HERE

You can also learn more about BOOM TOWN, as well as my first novella, ABRAM’S BRIDGE, and my debut, THE HAUNTED HALLS, in my featured interview over at Horror After Dark. Check that out; HERE

Next week, I will be attending and meeting a bunch of my Samhain brothers at Horror Hound Weekend. Looking forward to that!  I’m sure I will have some more stories and plenty of photos to share. I mean, besides the Samhain gang, I ‘m going to get a chance to meet one of my childhood heroes…The Greatest American Hero, William Katt!   Yeah, I used to sit on the swing out back of my house when I was a kid singing the theme song ALL DAY. My mom even made me a Ralph doll. I’m sort of psyched…  🙂


Beware the Ides of March! New Releases from SAMHAIN HORROR


In the depths of the jungle lie mysteries drenched in blood.

Ethan Foster has spent a lifetime as a guide and bodyguard for archeologist Heathcliff Pascal. They’ve survived more adventures than they can count, but now, deep in the jungles of Central America, they discover a secret hidden from the world for centuries: the Cult of the Black Jaguar, presided over by an immortal goddess whose beauty is matched by her cruelty. She needs the blood of a virgin to bring her army back to life, and she’s found one in Heathcliff’s daughter, Jenny. It’s up to Ethan to stop her. It might seem an impossible task, but Ethan has secrets of his own. Dark secrets.

Before the night is over, blood will be shed, and only one man—or monster—will survive.


Pray it’s only paranoia.

Twenty years ago, journalist Joel Walker wrote a book about a ritual killing. It exploded into a bestseller and became part of the mass Satanic hysteria of the 1980s. However, his story and the evil he investigated were real and left him the victim of a nervous breakdown.

For the last two decades, his has been a quiet existence far from his former home in Massachusetts. But when one of his childhood friends is brutally murdered and rumored to have been involved in bizarre medical experiments, Joel is lured back to find out what really happened.

Joel must delve deep into the darkness once more, investigating all the way back to his own childhood, and the secrets he and his old friends buried there years ago. But where do paranoia and madness end and real evil begin? With the Orphans of Wonderland.


A modern ghost story.

Life was good for Beth, once. Now a car crash has left her confined to a wheelchair. To help her recuperate and rebuild her life, she’s leased Stillwater, a house with a lake in the countryside. But her dreams of peace and quiet are thwarted when she realizes she’s not alone. A girl who once lived at Stillwater—until she drowned in the lake—has never left, and she does not seem pleased by Beth’s presence. Beth sets out to solve the mystery of Stillwater. But can she find a strength she doesn’t know she possesses as she fights the fury of the dead girl, and tries to establish herself as the true mistress and keeper of the Stillwater house and lake?

Get your Horror on, people!  For more great titles and authors check out