Interview with Horror Author Glenn Rolfe

Hey kids….my friend and fellow Horror author, Lucas Mangum, interviewed me this week. Check it out.

Lucas Mangum


LM: Tell us about your latest release, ABRAM’S BRIDGE.

GR: Abram’s Bridge was supposed to be a short ghost story, but once it got rolling I realized it was bigger than that. I got the idea from the lyric in a Bruce Springsteen song. “tell ‘em there’s a spot out ‘neath Abram’s Bridge, and tell ‘em there’s a darkness on the edge of town”. I set out to discover what happened beneath Abram’s Bride. I started with a boy (Li’l Ron) and a girl (Sweet Kate) and let that take me where they wanted. Before I knew it, I had a real mystery tale on my hands. Ron finds out Sweet Kate is a ghost and he sets out to discover what happened to her. It’s a ghost/mystery/thriller. I’m super proud of it.

LM: One of the most interesting aspects of the novella is how classical it felt. Were there…

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