One Week Until the Release of Abram’s Bridge.


So excited! January 6th (one week from today) my debut novella with Samhain Publishing, Abram’s Bridge, will be released. Alongside new novels from Jonathan Janz, Hunter Shea, and Russell James, my little novella is looking forward to meeting your eyes.

Gef Fox, a fellow horror writer, runs a great blog, WAG THE FOX. He’s featuring interviews with myself and Jonathan Janz this week. They are both up now. Click the links below to check them out for more on Abram’s Bridge and Jonathan’s The Nightmare Girl.   One cool nugget I picked up: Both Janz and I will be releasing werewolf novels for you later this year. Anybody else feel like howlin’? 🙂

Too Sweet to Be Sour: an interview with Glenn Rolfe, author of “Abram’s Bridge”

She’s a Nightmare Girl Livin’ in a Nightmare World: an interview with Jonathan Janz, author of “The Nightmare Girl”

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