Win my horror collection, SLUSH! “Stand By Me mixed with Tales From The Crypt….”


“Stand By Me mixed with Tales From The Crypt….”- Horror Maiden’s book Reviews


My first collection, SLUSH,  came out on All Hallow’s Eve. Since then, it has garnered a bunch of nice reviews.

You can find those HERE

Now, thanks to the good people over at Horror After Dark, you can enter to win a Kindle copy for yourself!  ENTER TO WIN HERE

A few of my favorite things people are saying:

“…If there ever was a story to try and shock you with gross violence and disturbing imagery it would be Jackie Boy. While Sweet 16 leaves you with weird twisted feelings, Jackie Boy then takes you over the top and makes you wonder if anyone is really ever safe around Glenn Rolfe.” – Top of the Heap Reviews


“…speaking of fucked up and disgusting, let’s talk about “Henry”. Have you ever wanted to cut your zits off with a razor? Of course you haven’t! You aren’t a crazy bastard. At least you probably aren’t. Okay, shut up. The point is, “Henry” is pretty gross. Rolfe gets all the descriptions right on this one.” – Max Booth III, Author of Toxicity and The Mind is a Razorblade

“…once you pick up “Slush” you’ll be holding 126 pages of why you became a fan of Horror in the first place.” -Mouths of Madness Podcast

“…SLUSH rises above the ever-growing onslaught of fiction… Great read from a confident new voice in fiction.” – John Palisano, Author of Nerves

Horror After Dark is giving away 2 Kindle copies!  ENTER TO WIN HERE


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