December Delicacies from Samhain Horror

Here’s your monthly Samhain fresh releases!

December brings us newbies from rising star, Adam Cesare, a new novella from JG Faherty, plus sequels from Quinn Langston and Mick Ridgewell.

Click on the covers below to order:


Beware when a vampire loses control!

In 1850s London, most mortals are not aware that vampires walk amongst them. Lord Sebastian Hawthorne, himself a vampire, intends to keep it that way. Unfortunately, when someone begins killing off well-known citizens—in gruesome ways—all signs point to a newborn vampire unable to control the bloodlust.

Marcus Dwyer, a fellow vampire, admits to turning a woman for companionship, and now she’s out of control. He needs Sebastian’s help. Together, Marcus, Sebastian and Theo, Sebastian’s human friend, set out to catch the rogue killer before she exposes their secret.

Will they find her in time? Or will the police capture her first, and will their discovery lay waste to the vampires’ immortal world?

a evil-unleashed

Evil is back in Kings Shore!

Malachi Adams has returned to Kings Shore for revenge. The demon vampire was sealed in a well for one hundred years, and he holds the citizens of this small town responsible. Now they will pay. Awakened by the blood of a virgin, Malachi emerges from his subterranean prison at last, starving for more blood. The demon recruits Roland Millhouse, former network newsman turned novelist, to school him on the ways of the 21st century. Armed with Roland’s plan, Malachi and a newly created gang of bloodthirsty vampires descend on Kings Shore. Will anything be left of the town when they leave?

a exponential

Can anything stop a creature that won’t stop growing?

Sam Taylor just wants a friend. Is that too much to ask? His only mistake is finding that friend in Felix, a lab mouse that Sam rescues from the top-secret facility where he works as a janitor. Shortly after his rescue, the mouse begins to change, to swell. There’s something new growing underneath Felix’s fur. Growing very fast.

Holed up in a roadside bar, four survivors—a woman who’s lost everything, her drug dealer, a tribal police officer, and a professional gambler—are all that stand between the rampaging beast and the city of Las Vegas. But as the monster keeps growing—and eating—how long until it’s able to topple the walls protecting them?

a legacy

Some gods demand blood!

Sean Black, a teenage science whiz in a small New England town, leads a pretty normal life…until the night of the storm. After that, nothing is the same. He experiences strange nightmares. He hallucinates about alien creatures and begins to notice weird physical changes in his body, things no one else seems to see. The girl he’s had a crush on for years is acting strange as well, delivering cryptic messages to him that things are not what they seem. When he discovers a secret room in the library, Sean finds himself faced with a life-changing decision, one that could either save the world or plunge it into centuries of death and destruction—with Sean ruling over all.

Samhain Horror…it’s all about the story.

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