So, the new Samhain Publishing website has a “Coming Soon” tab. Today  my novella, Abram’s Bridge, that releases on January 6th (and is my first with the family), made it’s debut on the site. It’s a pretty amazing thing for me to see. Just another step toward that dream come true moment.

The thing that really blew my mind tonight is seeing who else I’m coming out with…it’s a pretty stellar line-up:




Of all the Samhain authors, these three have been the most gracious, open, and supportive guys to me since before I ever had a deal with Don and Samhain.  All three are amazing talents in the horror field and wonderful human beings.

I haven’t met Jonathan or Hunter in person yet (interviewed them for this blog, and I’ve messaged with them plenty), but I was lucky enough to get to meet Russell at this year’s World Horror Convention/Bram Stoker Awards. Russell was awesome and gave me some great tips on talking to Don and how to go approach our boss with any new projects. I actually pitched my second novella, Boom Town, that weekend and Don accepted shortly after. Russell’s pre-game speech definitely gave me some much needed confidence going into that little session. Thanks, Russell.

This entire year has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what 2015 has to offer. Whatever it is, its got to follow this amazing release line-up.

I am so grateful and honored to be part of this amazing family.

That is all.

Did I mention that I’m super excited???!!!

Check out Abram’s Bridge making it’s official debut on the Samhain page: HERE