I’ve decided to close up my other, less used, website, and make my blog my one and only.

So for starters, we’ll give the run down up upcoming works, and works currently in-progress:

First up is my forthcoming collection of short stories, flash fiction, and an assortment of micro-works.


A collection of shorts stories, flash fiction and micro works.Slush will include previously published stories “Skull of Snakes”, “Jackie Boy”, and “Sweet 16”, alongside a fresh batch of terrifying stories to help you sleep at night.

SLUSHThis one will be available for the Kindle and all Kindle Apps on October 30th. You can pre-order it now for just $2.99.

Also, coming out October 31st via Terry M. West and his crew:

JOURNALS of HORROR: Found Fiction

From Found footage is a genre of film making, especially horror, in which all or a substantial part of a film is presented as discovered film or video recordings, often left behind by missing or dead protagonists.

Terry M. West and Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc. present a revolutionary approach to the horror fiction anthology. JOURNALS OF HORROR: Found Fiction is a collection of terror inspired by the mechanics of the found footage horror film. In JOURNALS OF HORROR, the stories presented are horrific encounters committed to paper, item or device and discovered later. Each tale is a case file that has been transcribed from some type of unearthed diary. These tales can be discovered anywhere.


This anthology also features Todd Keisling, Stuart Keane, Wesley J. Thomas, and many more. Pre-order today for $3.99.

Both of these titles should be available in print by Christmas.

Next up:

My debut with Samhain Horror…my novella:


There is a darkness in this town, and it’s buried beneath Abram’s Bridge.

When Lil Ron meets Sweet Kate under Abram’s Bridge he is mesmerized. And when he realizes this beautiful girl is a ghost, it frightens him, but also draws him to her. Curiosity and a drive to make things right lead Lil Ron into a tangle of small-town secrets involving his own father and other members of this otherwise quiet community. Bit by bit, he will uncover the truth about Sweet Kate, a story of heartbreak, violence…and fear.


This one will be released in all eBook formats on January 6th. Pre-order a copy today for $2.80.

My follow-up with Samhain, BOOM TOWN, will be released April 7th.

WIP Updates:

BLOOD and RAIN (Novel) submitted.

Untitled (Novella) 1st draft finished

BECOMING (Novel) 58K words/goal: 65K

WINDOW (Novel) 55K words/ goal 65K

AUGUST’S EYES (Novel) 12K words/ goal 65K

I’ll also have a short story in James Ward Kirk’s anthology, THE GRAYS. (Release date TBA)

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