I wanted to put out something cool for Halloween. Thanks to some encouragement from some friends, I decided to throw together my first collection of short stories. Included will be some of my favorite published tales of the last year and a half:

Jackie Boy –from BARNYARD HORROR (James Ward Kirk Publishing, 2013)

Skull of Snakes –from COINS OF CHAOS (EDGE Science Fiction and fantasy Publishing, 2013)

Sweet 16 –from PAVOR NOCTURNUS: DARK FICTION ANTHOLOGY VOL. 2 (Parasomnia Press, 2014)

Also included will be my first poem, a brand new Halloween story, and a few little extras.

The cover art features a piece from my good friend, Jason Lynch. Editing will be in the very capable hands of another good friend, Ms. Erin Al Mehairi.

I’m aiming at an October 30th release.

SLUSH cover

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