Summer in Montauk–Now with Death and Disease!: My review of Hunter Shea’s The Montauk Monster

montauk monster

Hunter Shea’s The Montauk Monster is pretty freaking rad. The vacation hotspot, Montauk, New York, is invaded by a bunch of vicious dog-like creatures. Local animals and residents are attacked and mauled to death. Those that don’t die by the teeth suffer a far worse fate. These creatures carry a deadly contagion that burns its victims from the inside out. The local police force is sent from one call to another chasing these beasts and losing some of their own officers in the process.
The truth is revealed when one officer recognizes the beasts. She knows the answers to these things can be found on Plum Island, home to a special facility.

I absolutely LOVE the beginning of this story. I was caught up in the characters and the need to know what these things were so bad that I took my time, savoring each chapter. I wanted it to last the whole summer. But alas, I had promised my review by late July…so here it is.

There’s so much to love here. Hunter tells a story like a seasoned pro. The horror and suspense is top notch. The deaths are scary as hell, and the dialogue is terrific. You feel like you’re in one of those great TV series that have been rocking cable and network television over the last couple of years. The majority of Hunter’s characters drive this story as much as the need-to-know just what in the hell is happening in this beach town. To me, that’s just as vital in a great novel as anything else. If I don’t give a shit about the people in the book, what’s the point? Hunter nails it.

On the negative side, I felt like there were two sets of characters that didn’t need to be in here. Following their parts of the story seemed unnecessary to me and made the book longer than it needed to be (which is odd seeing’s how I just said I never wanted it to end!) The other part that bugged me was all of the action movie type stuff (reminded me of the Crazies re-make) in the final quarter of the book. I’m not a big blow ‘em up guy when it comes to novels. I don’t think it translates as well as it does on the big screen. That said, if this gets optioned for a movie….Hunter will be in for a huge payday!

All in all, it was a fun read and absolutely perfect for the summer.
Go Hunter!
Go Grab your copy here:


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