Welcome to the Party, Pal.

“Welcome to the party, pal.”


In a matter of weeks I’ll be holding my baby in my hands, The Haunted Halls. That’s the old adage, right? Your novels are like your babies? They take months (sometimes years) to incubate, cook, and fully develop. From the initial horribly lovable idea, to the day you hand in your pretty and polished manuscript, and of course, eventually, to the day your little monster is released upon the world for all to see (and let your co-workers in on the fact that you’re not normal).

Even their journey through our world is similar. Once they come out, they are their own unique creation. As their proud parents, we can help guide their path, but, ultimately, they will go their own way. Whether destined to fall by the wayside among the rest of those never read, never looked at, or fortunate enough and bright enough to stand out in a sea of words, we must let them go.


Unlike babies, after these creations are unleashed, we often put the majority of our attention directly onto the next one. The next novel. Maybe the Duggers can relate here, but as writers, we catch and release. We grab hold of that magic, play with it until it’s this beautiful creature, and then we ship it out and never look at it again. Not because we don’t care about it, but because there’s more magic to be captured.

cover HH of
So today, I let my baby go. The Haunted Halls, my precious tale of an evil spirit and the hotel it just can’t let go of, is available for the world in eBook. The trade paperback will be available in about a week and a half (or so). I’m proud of this story, and I hope you’ll be gentle with it, although I can’t promise that it will treat you the same (the Ice Queen and her minion are a pretty nasty bunch).
Stay tuned for more madness!


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