Thanks for a great first quarter! I am eternally grateful.


2014 has been a very busy year. I’ve sold three short stories, had two published that were accepted at the end of 2013, managed to get the interview I did with editor Don D’Auria included in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Horror 101, and landed my first big deal with Samhain Publishing. My novella, Abram’s Bridge, will be released in the first part of 2015 from what I consider to be the best horror line on the market (no disrespect to all of the other fine dark fiction publishers). My serial novel, Becoming, has maintained its rank among the top 20 at…and if that’s not hectic enough, my band, The Never Nudes, released our debut self-titled EP a couple months back.

Obviously landing a piece with Don D’Auria at Samhain is my greatest writing achievement thus far, but a close second to that is the fact that I’ve committed to donating all of the money I make from short story sales and JukePop Top 30 payouts to the National Children’s Cancer Society. So far, I’ve earned $115.00 from sales and payouts. I donate as I receive the money owed to me, so the amount officially donated sits at $45.00. Not too bad for a guy who never thought he’d be in any of the positions I’m in.

I’d like to take a quick second to thank some of the wonderful people that have contributed to my first quarter success: James Ward Kirk, Geoffrey Liu, Lori Michele, Jacob Haddon, Hydra M. Star, Joe Mynhardt, Don D’Auria, and all of my great writer/editor/sounding board friends: Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi, Kristin Dearborn, Todd Keisling, Erinn Kemper, Selene MacLeod, Chris Martin, Caroline Phillips, Mike Braun, and of course, my terrific writing group, The Tuesday Mayhem Society: Peter Dudar, April Hawkes, Jo-Jo Mason-Schnopp, and Sylvia Bourgoin. And last, but not least, anyone who has read, voted, or shared the link to my serial novel, Becoming.  Each and every one of you has helped me out far more than I deserve. Should the rest of this year turn up with zero sales from here on out, I shall still consider it my best.

Also, HUGE thank you to my wife and kids and everyone at The Hampton Inn Augusta, Maine for putting up with me.

I’m now gearing up for a number of things: First up, my family and I will be heading out to Portland, Oregon for the 2014 World Horror Convention and to attend the Bram Stoker Awards ceremony for the second straight year. I’m not going empty handed. I have a new novella (Boom Town) that I will be pitching Saturday to my publisher, Don D’Auria, and also to Michael Baily at Dark Regions Sci-Fi.  I’m also looking forward to getting a chance to meet two of my writing heroes, Jack Ketchum and Brian Keene.

Once I return home, I will began the next round of edits and re-writes on my debut novel, The Haunted Halls (being edited by Robert S. Wilson, and published by James Ward Kirk). I am very proud of this haunted hotel story and look forward to sharing it with you by the end of July. After that, I’ll be trying to finish two other novels I currently have in-progress.

Keeping at it one sentence at a time, I look forward to crafting more quality dark fiction. I also look forward to meeting  many wonderfully demented, like-minded souls throughout the rest of the year. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for being so cool.




The following anthologies/magazines/books my 2014 works can be found in:

Ugly Babies 2 (James Ward Kirk Publishing)

Pavor Nocturnus Volume II (Parasomnia Press)

Dark Moon Digest 15

Infernal Ink Magazine April 2014

Horror 101: The Way Forward (non-fiction, Crystal Lake Publishing)

Vignettes From the End of the World (Apokrupha Publishing)


These can all be purchased via my Amazon Author page:


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