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Welcome to my website! I’ve been writing for the better part of the last ten years. All of my works are in the horror genre, but I don’t mind stretching into mystery, thriller, or even westerns. I spent my twenties playing in a number of punk rock bands, I’m a huge fan of hair metal, Bruce Springsteen, and Taylor Swift (no shame in this game). A father of three, and a proud hospitality worker, I’ve been watching horror movies since before I should, and will devour all King, Laymon, Keene, and Malfi books… #LeisureBooks4Life

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“Rolfe is the real deal, folks, and anything he writes is well worth checking out.” – 

Gord Rollo, author of The Jigsaw Man and The Crucifixion Experiments

You can now order my latest dark thriller, AUGUST’S EYES (Flame Tree Press) Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover

“An intense tale reminiscent of classic works by Jack Ketchum or Stephen King” — Booklist

“I just have to say that this was a book I did not want to put down. For every parent who has ever feared that lurking stranger, the exact one we warn our children about, this book will chill you to the bone. Be warned.” – Castle Macabre

“August’s Eyes is a mix of realistic horror of a serial killer that goes after young teenage boys and the supernatural. I really enjoyed the supernatural element within the story, but the realistic horror is what really scared me.” – Mindy’s Book Journey

When dreams start bleeding into reality, a social worker is forced to face the mistakes of his past.

A serial killer has found a way to make his land of graveyards a sinister playground to be bent at his sadistic will.

The secrets behind August’s eyes will bring two worlds together, and end in a cataclysm of pain and ruin.

“Rolfe is a vital part of this horror generation.” – Brian Keene, World Horror Convention Award Grandmaster of Horror, and author of GHOUL and THE RISING

Gilson Creek, Maine. A safe rural community. Summer is here. School is out, and the warm waters of Emerson Lake await. But one man’s terrible secret will unleash a nightmare straight off the silver screen.

Under the full moon, a night of terror and death reawakens horrors long asleep. Sheriff Joe Fischer – a man fighting for the safety of his daughter – his sanity, and his community must confront the sins of his past. Can Sheriff Fischer set Gilson Creek free from the beast hiding in its shadows, or will a small town die under a curse it can’t even comprehend?

One night can – and will – change everything.

“A wonderful throwback to the fun and bloody days of paperback horror glory!” – Richard Chizmar, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling-Author of Gwendy’s Button Box and Chasing The Boogeyman

When fifteen year old Rocky Zukas meets a mysterious dark-haired girl named November, his world is forever changed. The young couple falls under the spell of summer love, but not everyone approves.

November’s brother, Gabriel, is the keeper of the family’s secret, and big brother is always watching, growing more sinister as his bloodlust gets the best of him. Directing his attention to Rocky’s family, Gabriel aims to make sure little sister knows who is in charge.